Mastermind Structure

 Small group of established swim coaches with big dreams and goals

The group is carefully selected to deliver a wide variety of knowledge and skills while delivering a great team dynamic

Mastermind sessions are held virtually via video conference so you can participate from anywhere in the world

This is a 6-month program over 8 months where we meet once a month for 90 minutes to engage in thoughtful conversation

Mastermind begins October 12, 2022 and ends May 10, 2023. There will be breaks or optional sessions during the months of December 2022 and March 2023 to accommodate for heavy competition season. Sessions are held on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month at 12pm CST

Swim Coaches Mastermind 2022 - 2023

Once Accepted to the Mastermind, you will receive:

  • Six 90-min Group Mastermind Sessions

  • Six One on One coaching sessions with Renata Porter

  • Group Slack Channel where you can stay in constant contact with everyone and share files

  • Occasional tools, books and other items to help make your life easier

What is Expected

  • To connect deeply and honestly with like-minded coaches

  • To share your business opportunities and challenges

  • To give and receive thoughtful advice

  • To be supported as you pursue new challenges & opportunities

  • To learn from other’s experiences

Qualifications to be Accepted

  • You are a Head Coach, Associate Head Coach, or, Head Age Group Coach

  • You have been in coaching for over a year

  • You have a growth mindset

  • You are a generous giver and receiver of feedback and knowledge

  • You can commit to attending almost every meeting

  • You will uphold the trust of the group by signing a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement

The Swim Coaches Mastermind

The Swim Coaches Mastermind is for Head Coaches, Associate Head Coaches, and Head Age Group coaches who currently lead other coaches. Coaches who collectively offer support, accountability and inspiration so no goal is too far out of reach and no obstacle is too big to overcome. This is a group of like-minded coaches who are focused on their success, yet are transparent sharers who also want to see others succeed in the sport of swimming

Join us for a powerful 6 months of connecting and working together to build your leadership and day-to-day operational abilities.


There are a lot of opportunities for coaches to gain technical knowledge in the sport of swimming, however there’s not a lot of support in the form of mentorship and personal development when it comes to honing your leadership and operational skills to effectively lead all of your coaches.

This mastermind provides an avenue to:


skills to be an effective, efficient, and proactive leader


from experts in the industry


part of a trusted group of peers who share their experiences so we can minimize mistakes and headaches


long lasting relationships throughout your coaching career

Renata is passionate about helping coaches and swim clubs navigate their way to success. She has coached countless people to achieve their goals by helping them reduce the noise and shifting their focus to what ads value

  • Specialist in helping clients take an intentional and impactful approach to how they lead

  • Expert in leading groups for optimal performance 

  • Proudly engages in a No Theory No Fluff practice. If it doesn’t move you towards action and results, it’s not worth considering

  • Has an absolute passion for helping others succeed

Renata Porter

Mastermind Facilitator

Benefits of our Mastermind

Goal Setting

Problem Solving &

Brain Storming



Leadership Development

Quicker successes

Coaching Others 

Connection & coaches

and mentors


Pricing -  $400

As you can see when you compare what you will receive against the cost, this is a passionate investment on my part. I believe in the benefits of a well-curated mastermind group. I also completely subscribe to a “giving” mantra. It’s what drives me to deliver in the way I do and allows me to wake up every morning with a smile on my face.


To that end, I offer a 10-day money-back guarantee after attending the first session. No Questions Asked. After that, there are NO refunds. It’s important to everyone in the Mastermind that a commitment is made. After all, consistency, reliability and the ability to create a bond is essential to having an effective Mastermind group.

Steps to Join

  1. Click the Apply Here and fill out the application form. 

  2. You will receive an email asking you to schedule a time for us to talk. 

  3. We will have a Zoom call to determine if it’s a good fit. If yes, the fun begins to secure your spot!