Ensure Meetings Are Effectively Organized and Minuted

Maintain Records

Uphold Legal and Governing Documents

Effectively Communicate to The Board and Club Members

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Ensuring all important information is documented and disseminated is the responsibility of the Secretary.  Find all the information and tools you need to be a successful club Secretary.

Learn How To

Ensure Meetings are Effectively Organized and Minuted

Maintain Records

Uphold Legal and Governing Documents

Effectively Communicate to the Board and Club Members



What Defines a Great Board Member

Details on what defines a great board member.

Why I Should Attend The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

More on why you should attend your Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Non-Profit Resources for your state

Information on your state association of nonprofits.

Characteristics of a Successful Club

Four Key Areas of a Successful Club.

Board Duties

As a Board Member of a Non-Profit Organization, you have 3 primary legal Duties.

Club Secretary Guide

This role description explains the skills, and characteristics required for the position.

Role Description - Club Secretary

This role description explains the skills, and characteristics required for the position.

Six Questions to Team Success

Questions a Leader should ask to create an environment of trust and respect.

Ten Characteristics of a Strong Leadership Team

Use this as a guideline to build your leadership team up and create a positive culture.

Nine Roles of Great Leadership

Being a leader entails much more than just the title. It's essential to realize the various leadership responsibilities.

How To Be A Successful Board Member

To have a successful club, you must view all decisions from the perspective of the overall health of the club.

Why Be A Club Board Member

Deciding to become a club board member is not something that should be taken lightly. Firstly,

Effective Board Meetings

The board is pivotal to your organization’s success, and the way you choose to conduct the board meetings ensures that you keep moving.

The Importance of Accurate Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are more than a general accounting of board discussions; they serve as an official and legal record of the meeting.

How To Run An Effective AGM?

Planning is essential if you want to confirm that you have everything covered.

Gift Acceptance Policy

While it might be human nature to accept gifts graciously, we recommend weighing the pros and cons that this act may create.

Paying Volunteers

Paying volunteers can pose several challenges to nonprofit organizations because many volunteers are truly not looking for compensation.

Reducing Risk When Hiring A Volunteer

Risk is the chance of loss and risk management is the reducing of the chance of loss at your organization.

The Club Secretary: Keys To Proficiency

The secret of a well-run club is to have an efficient and proactive secretary who will handle all the administrative tasks and...

Recording Conflicts Of Interest

A conflict of interest (COI), also known as the duality of interest, refers to a situation where a board member may have affiliations that..

Ethical Fundraising For Nonprofit

For nonprofit organizations, fundraising activities are essential for sustainability.

Financial Sustainability

As leaders of your Non-profit Sports Club, you need to know the costs to deliver your programs and the means to raise money to cover these.

Managing Difficult Conversations

In almost every capacity of our lives we find ourselves having to have difficult conversations from time to time.

Diversity on the Leadership Board

Diversity in your organization’s leadership board leads to a variety of perspectives, experiences, and networks.

Building Relationships: Coaches

One of the most important things that board members, administrative staff, and coaches can do for any sports club is to build relationships.

Building Relationships: Board Members

This is the second article in a three-part series and will focus on how board members can build important relationships.

Building Relationships: Operations/Administration

This is the third article in a three-part series on building valuable relationships with community stakeholders, club
& members.

The Amazing Power Of Processes

Bet you never thought you would see the words Amazing and Processes in the same sentence, did you?

Board/Coach Relationship

Healthy youth sports clubs and programs depend on an effective and flexible partnership between the Board of Directors and the Head Coach.

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