Ready to Get Started?

The first step in our process is a 30-minute discovery call. During this call we will explore your successes and the challenges you are facing. We will discuss how we can work together to develop a solution. This is just a discussion, so there’s no need to formally prepare or feel like you are making a commitment to us. 


Working with sports teams is an absolute passion of ours. We know how important sports are to our youth and community, but we also know they don’t always have the best structure and development processes in place. Our experience with sports teams ranges from strategic planning, shifting old mindsets, creating effective structures, and working with both the coaches and the club Board to ensure a collaborative and beneficial working relationship is established. 

How It Works


Tailored Evaluation

Before we can design the right structure and processes, we must take the time to understand your coaches, families, and your goals. We will look closely at your coaching development and the working relationship between the Board and the coaches.


Solution Design

We develop a solution that is based on what we learned through the evaluation. We address the clubs gaps and future needs, while bringing the coaches and the Board along the way to ensure they work harmoniously together.


People Management

Effective change and people management allows the club to realize the benefits quickly and efficiently. We purposely include your people every step of the way.


End-to-End Oversight

We are with you every step of the way.  We don’t believe in doing anything half-way, if you aren’t satisfied then neither are we. Due to the nature of sports clubs, we provide support and follow up service for several months after delivery. It’s our way to ensure that processes and structures are completely embedded into your club.

Our Happy Clients

Leadership and Board Training

Understanding your obligations and responsibilities as a Board Member, Coach, or Leader is essential to effectively and efficiently move the organization forward. Training includes ongoing coaching to ensure collaborative and beneficial working relationships are established while safeguarding accountability for deliverables.




Setting a direction and developing plans to deliver your organization's goals for success. We will work together to solidify your Vision, Values, and Behaviors so you are firm in your direction. Then we will create your strategic goals with well-defined plans so you can move forward on realizing your goals instead of just talking about them.



We offer bespoke consulting services based on your needs. Due to our extensive experience in business, we often work with clients on their specific requirements. No job is too big or small, just ask.​

Organizational Design

& Development

Building a structure for optimal performance while ensuring everyone has an opportunity for growth and to feel valued, is essential to building a team culture that can weather the ups and downs of your business. We will build an overall team structure, but then we will build out roles and responsibilities and establish key functions to ensure solid relationships and effective communication take place.